Things I read this week

Okay, this week’s reading list went as follows:

  • My Daguerreotype Boyfried No, seriously. Rorsharch was pretty hot.
  • I’ll freely admit that I’m not as obsessed with cleanliness as I should be, which is why I read the Ask A Clean Person column at The Hairpin as if I were studying Esperanto. I get where it makes sense and all but I don’t quite understand it.
  • You guise, Debbie Reynolds has auctioned off her collection of memorabilia. Look and squeal at the catalogue here.
  • And, because I totally need more excuses to use my slow cooker I bring you multitasking with a slow cooker and a chicken (and a stockpot and some herbs, but you get the drift) from Five Dollar Dinners.

Happy clicking!

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